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Ao Haru Ride (Mon.) Free! ES (Wed.) Glasslip (Thurs.)
Fairy Tail (Fri.)
SAO II (Sat.) Barakamon (Sat.) Haikyuu!! (Sun.) Nozaki-kun (Sun.)


Hibi Chouchou Hirunaka no Ryuusei Isshuukan Friends. Yumeiro Patissiere Ao Haru Ride

~Semi Hiatus: School~

I love a boy and his name is Nanase Haruka.

Carole | 15 | ISFJ


Anime 30 Day Challenge

Day 02 - Favourite Anime You’ve Watched So Far

AHA. This one is EASY. Yumeiro Patissiere by far! I just grew so attached to it because I waited every single Saturday for a YEAR for episodes. Plus, I’m a sucker for pastries and cute things <3

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