What other anime besides Yumeiro Patissiere could have my heart? Literally, this anime has reigned as my favourite for almost 4 years now. Maybe because it was the first ongoing anime I ever watched. Maybe it was because it was the first anime where I had a true pair I truly shipped. Maybe it was because the characters were so lovable. Maybe it was because the sweets looked so yummy.

Maybe because for a moment, I could let myself forget all the things around me and just feel happy.

At the time I watched Yumeiro Patissiere, I was going through hard times. 2009 and 2010 were like that for me. Yumeiro Patissiere was that happiness I held onto. It made me smile, even when I wanted to cry. Which is funny, because that is literally almost a line in the opening theme song.

"A magic so powerful it makes you smile, even when you want to cry."

Whenever I was sad, whenever I was happy, whatever ups and downs happened at that stage of my life, Yumeiro Patissiere was there. When I needed an outlet to vent, my Yumeiro Patissiere fanfiction was there. When I needed something to brighten my day, a particularly KashinoxIchigo-esque episode was just what I needed.

This anime had my heart. Back then, and even now still.

And I’m sure, that will never change.

So, until next year Anime September! It was fun participating!~

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